I wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your contribution to standing for truth and integrity in this municipal election. Whether you voted, volunteered, attended an event, sent me a message, called, commented and shared on social media, donated your hard earned dollars, put up signs, called people, knocked on doors, delivered flyers or prayed …. we ALL played a part in this election.


I was running against 2 people who have had years canvassing their vote in Oak Ridges – and I am amazed at how many of you supported me.
A sincere THANK YOU –  I had such wonderful conversations with so many of you at your door – what a blessing it was to meet you.


I can honestly say that I ran with integrity, not belittling anyone, no vandalizing competitors’ signs, no bullying, trash talking nor rudeness.  I know that politics is meant to be a dirty game, but I did not come in to play politics, I ran to serve the residents of Oak Ridges and ultimately Richmond Hill.  I will continue to serve our community – I don’t need a title to do it.

3 Oct Debate: Introduction

3 Oct Debate: Closing Remarks

My Mission and Vision

Unlocking the potential of Oak Ridges while respecting the life of every individual.


  • Growing a city like Richmond Hill requires investment, but not at the expense of the residents. If we attract business to Richmond Hill, we create jobs, generate income, and reduce traffic congestion – we are able to continue the good financial stewardship of the budget.
  • Given the economic climate, a huge capital expense of building a city hall would not be a viable option in the next 4 years.


  • Work with York Regional Police to implement Neighbourhood Watch in ALL Oak Ridges communities and is a cost-efficient way of managing crime locally.
  • Many residents have in built cameras which would help to have neighbours looking out for neighbours as we live, work, serve and play.


  • Introduce Traffic Calming Measures on key streets, especially those with schools on them, to reduce speeding, making it safer for families and children to cross and play (North Lake Road, Augustine, Milos, Silver Maple, Old Colony etc.)
  • Address parking issues, including fines, for residents
  • Ideas for Speed Reduction: red light cameras, instant speed flashing, pedestrian crossings, rubber barriers on key streets and much needed stop signs


  • Support removal of red tape to encourage Business growth in Richmond Hill, and especially Oak Ridges.
  • Work with Seniors to enhance community services and housing, including transportation options.
  • Work with groups who are willing to help our Youth to grow, develop and play in a safe community – this includes a ban on cannabis stores in Richmond Hill.


  • Oak Ridges has beautiful parks, trails and lakes – these MUST be protected from pollution which reduces water quality and effects the surrounding dependent ecosystems.
  • Responsible development includes open dialogue with ALL stakeholders including but not limited to: existing residents, the staff of Richmond Hill, Provincial government, potential developers, environmental experts etc.